One of my delightful joys in life! Carrots, apples, and a hint of ginger. Pineapple, oranges, kiwi, apples! Blackberries, oranges, carrots, etc. and the list goes on……

There is a Place

There is a place of safety, refuge, peace, wholeness, wellness, healing, grace, mercy, understanding, forgiveness, guidance, renewal, faithfulness, kindness, hope and love. That place is in the overwhelming precious love of Jesus Christ. I dare you to come and not just visit, but stay and rest.

Proactive, Reactive, Inactive

Last night in my city another gun shot rang out and the all too familiar sound of sirens penetrated the air, undoubtedly another shooting death. The homicides thus far almost outnumber the days of 2016. I don’t understand the lack of humanity that seems to be an increasing plague this season. Though I lack the…

God’s Goodness

Have you ever taken the time to reminisce about the absolute goodness and love of God?

Drenching Rain

He gives rain on the earth, And sends waters on the fields. Job 5:10

Fall Creek Falls

I must admit that it can be a little intimidating going deep into the hills of Tennessee alone without the company of familiar faces, even as a couple. However, I realize that my Father is with me wherever I go and he has given His angels charge over me. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed…

Petit Jean State Park

Petit Jean State Park is located on Petit Jean Mountain in Morrilton, Arkansas. It is Arkansas’ first state park. We hiked the two mile round trip Cedar Falls trail that leads to the 95′ Cedar Falls. We also visited the Rock House Cave which is known for its ancient pictographs. The park actually has twenty…