Welcome to my palette of expression,

I am undeniably and unashamedly a royal child of God; the Alpha and Omega, the Creator of the Universe, the Lover of My Soul, my Everlasting Father, and My King. I am the wife of a masterful creation of God and mother of three beautiful grown folks. I believe in taking time to hike through life’s hills and valleys literally and metaphorically. The good and not so good all somehow prove to be a necessary element in this awesome phase of existence called, “life”.

Through it all, by hiking with a heavenly mind, I am able to enjoy companionship and communion with my Creator. My purpose here is to encourage and even provoke you to find a place of solitude, if even for a moment, to meet with the Creator of Life, My Father in Heaven. Step away from the busyness of life and take time for a heavenly hike; Hear God, Experience his presence, Acknowledge his sovereignty, Verify his majesty, Entreat his will, Draw near to his heart, Love him, and Yield to his spirit in the quietness and beauty of his creation!



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Lesa says:

    It is indeed a pleasure to stumble upon your blog. I would have never known w/o FB. I love how you serve and share without needing accolades from anyone. God bless.


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