What’s Your Story?

Everything and everyone has a story. Look at this tree for instance. I am sure that it stood tall and stately once upon a time. How did it get to this point? Perhaps it was planted by a grandfather and his grandson on a beautiful piece of land upstream of the mighty Mississippi River. Through many seasons it grew and flourished. Once upon a time squirrels played in its branches, birds built their homes and cared for their little ones in the shade of the leaves and worms crawled beneath the maze of roots. The tree stood tall and strong. It even held a tire swing or two and adored the playful climb of little boys among its limbs. However, days eventually turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and months turned into years.

A little neglect along the way weakened the tree’s ability to remain tall and strong. Finally a strong wind and much rain unearthed the roots of the mighty tree and it came tumbling down with a thunderous crack. Many of the branches shattered but the whole of the tree looked unscathed. But the truth is that the roots were no longer grounded. The foundation that once firmly held the tree had given way and the tree lost its balance and fell into the mighty Mississippi River. The river carried the tree many miles from home and this is where it came to rest. Broken, lonely, and in need a attention. End of story.

Well, maybe not. This tree’s story does not have to end here. If the right person comes along, they can see the beauty of the tree even in this state. A lovely piece of furniture, firewood for a family, or even a momentary place of rest for the weary soul. The point is everything and everyone has a story, but what really matters is how the story ends. What’s your story?

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