Fall Creek Falls


I must admit that it can be a little intimidating going deep into the hills of Tennessee alone without the company of familiar faces, even as a couple. However, I realize that my Father is with me wherever I go and he has given His angels charge over me. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this state park. So much so that we will take our grown folks back for some solitude before God at the base of the falls and family time. This is definitely the place to pack a lunch and spend some time meditating on God and his wondrous works.
The Hanging Bridge
My husband didn’t appreciate it as much as I did. I figured I was trusting in God, not the bridge.
Fall Creek Falls is 256′. It is one of the highest falls in the Eastern United States. It actually takes .4 miles to get to the base of the falls, but don’t forget that it takes .4 miles to get back to the top. The cool temperature, the mist from the falls, and the beautiful view of the cascading waters makes it well worth the trip. 

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  1. nancyrmckay says:

    What a beautiful hike! My husband and I are currently taking the #52hikechallenge (http://www.52hikechallenge.com/) and we are always looking for great new locations. We live in the Midwest, and although there is plenty of lovely scenery and hike locations, I wish we had the opportunity to travel to the mountains to hike.


    1. Hi, thanks for commenting. I am looking forward to traveling to the Midwest, hopefully by fall this year. I am going to look into the 52 hike challenge. It sounds interesting.


  2. Suze says:

    My husband and I spent our honeymoon in Fall Creek Falls many years ago. wonderful place and really brings one close to their creator.

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    1. My husband and I went for our anniversary. We really enjoyed it, especially the hike to the bottom of the falls.

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