Fall Creek Falls


I must admit that it can be a little intimidating going deep into the hills of Tennessee alone without the company of familiar faces, even as a couple. However, I realize that my Father is with me wherever I go and he has given His angels charge over me. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed this state park. So much so that we will take our grown folks back for some solitude before God at the base of the falls and family time. This is definitely the place to pack a lunch and spend some time meditating on God and his wondrous works.
The Hanging Bridge
My husband didn’t appreciate it as much as I did. I figured I was trusting in God, not the bridge.
Fall Creek Falls is 256′. It is one of the highest falls in the Eastern United States. It actually takes .4 miles to get to the base of the falls, but don’t forget that it takes .4 miles to get back to the top. The cool temperature, the mist from the falls, and the beautiful view of the cascading waters makes it well worth the trip. 


Well here goes. I have finally reached the point of NO MORE contemplation. I have this plan or great idea and that is about the size of it. In most cases it is written out, somewhat researched and ready to launch and then I give myself a reality check. Or rather a, well, what if check. I am done with the what ifs. I know what I have to do, so here goes. Whew, I feel much better or do I.

Okay, enough already. What’s with contemplation? I will tell you that is has its place. Contemplation is of course to give thoughtful inspection or study and also an expectation. However, at some point we have to go beyond the inspection, the study, and the expectation and move forward into the revelation or manifestation of our contemplation. Otherwise our contemplation can lead to procrastination and ultimately no destination. Wow, that can be a quote if I do say so myself. Really, the fact is we all find ourselves stuck in the same cycle sometimes.  I have places to go, things to do beyond contemplation. It is my time for manifestation. Let’s journey forward.

Petit Jean State Park

Petit Jean State Park is located on Petit Jean Mountain in Morrilton, Arkansas. It is Arkansas’ first state park. We hiked the two mile round trip Cedar Falls trail that leads to the 95′ Cedar Falls. We also visited the Rock House Cave which is known for its ancient pictographs. The park actually has twenty miles of trails to explore. It is not hard to find a quiet place of serenity for meditation to spend time before God in this park. Give it a try and share your experience!
He restores my soul: he leads me in the path of righteousness for his name’s sake. Psalm 23:3
Show me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths. Psalm 25:4